Online Admissions with EnrollMe

School enrollment doesn’t have to take forever for each student. EnrollMe streamlines your registration by moving the process to your school’s website, where parents register securely at home or on the go.

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School enrollment as easy as
one, two, three

Submit Applications

New and re-enrolling families add or update contact information and agree to your school’s terms of service, tuition and fee structure – all online. Registration payments can be made online as well.

Online school enrollment

Review Applications

Administrators simply log into Gradelink to review applications.

Approve & Import

Approved applicants are imported from the EnrollMe area in Gradelink to the main student information area.

Answers to Your Questions

How much is EnrollMe?

EnrollMe pricing starts as low as $5/student annually, and a one-time setup fee of $297 for the basic template setup. You can also choose a more customized setup with our Pro and Premium packages. View our pricing page for more details!

Can I include a welcome or introduction?
Yes. The first page of the application can be used to welcome new and re-enrolling students and parents and highlight important information about the enrollment process.
Do you support custom forms?

Yes. All custom EnrollMe forms are stored and visible through Gradelink’s SIS system.

Can I use EnrollMe without Gradelink?
No, Gradelink’s standard SIS service is required for use with the EnrollMe add-on.
Can I include behavior contracts?

Yes! Students or parents can agree to your school’s behavior contracts and other policies, such as an agreement to your school handbook and photo release permission. This feature is available exclusively in our PRO and PREMIUM EnrollMe packages.

Can I include tuition contracts?

Yes. Parents can agree to your tuition, additional fees and payment plans. Tuition forms are customizable so we can accurately represent your current payment policies. This feature is available exclusively in our PRO and PREMIUM EnrollMe packages.

Why go with online admissions?

Cut hours of paperwork and improve your enrollment.

Save Time

How much time does your staff spend collecting paper applications, reviewing them, struggling to read handwriting, and inputting all of the data into your system? Automate that process and save precious time for more personalized school tours, community building and outreach.

Boost Enrollment

When your school can offer online admissions, that’s just one more reason for a parent to decide to enroll at your school. You’ll be able to follow up on unfinished applications and boost your enrollment numbers.

Here’s what others think…

Their enthusiasm about EnrollMe is better than anything else we could try to tell you about it.

“As Admissions Coordinator, it has really helped the process for online enrollment and management of less paper.”

Cindy C.

Admissions Coordinator

“I LOVE the online enrollment function. We have several international students each year and this makes enrollment much easier for them.”

Robin T.

Admissions Director

“As Registrar, it is nice to have a tool like Gradelink to process paperless re-enrollments efficiently and effectively. The user interface at all levels is great!”

Christi H.


“Using Gradelink makes the enrollment process simple and eases everyone’s stress level! I am glad that we made the switch!”

Aaron H.

Admissions Coordinator

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